MEet Alicia


Class experience: You will find endless support, encouragement, and ease in Alicia’s class. She has a gentle voice and a calm presence that will guide you inward on your mat, help you find connection with yourself and leave you feeling strong and uplifted.

Path to Yoga:  Alicia's very first “true” yoga class was the very first night of her yoga teacher training.  She remembers the room being very dimly lit on a cold, dark, Friday night in January. It was a flow style class that built lots of heat and tons of yummy, exciting energy.

Others say:  Alicia is described by her closest family and friends as kind, thoughtful, attentive, loving, passionate, beautiful, caring, motivated, happy, and snuggle bug (per her 5 year old, Nathan). 

More about Alicia:  She's a full-time Mom of 2 handsome little boys, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, friend, and full-time business professional.  She loves the beach, dark chocolate and sappy hallmark movies!  She can crochet and knit. Someday she'd like to learn how to play the piano and fluidly speak another language.