Meet Erin

Class experience:  You will learn something new - always! Peace and ease balanced with strength, and a fun playlist to make you smile.  If you attend Hot Yoga with Erin, she's known for integrating cool essential oil-infused towels that make people who don't even like to sweat, come to Hot Yoga! 

Path to Yoga:  Erin's first yoga class was a 90 minute bikram class.  The room is heated to over 105 degrees and 40% humidity. Needless to say, it was hot, challenging and intense.  She was immediately drawn to it!  There was something about the stillness within each pose and how that felt both physically and mentally. She was hooked from the first class! 

Others say:  Erin is described by her closest family and friends as loyal, brave, kind, caring, devoted, healthy, thoughtful, loving, and funny.

More about Erin:  She's a wife, stay at home mom to 4-year old twins, 3 dogs, and 3 cats.  You might also find her in a spin class or out and about exploring the world with her kids. Her favorite hangouts these days (besides yoga studios) are playgrounds, exploring parks and outdoors, coffee shops, libraries. And she really enjoys her house and yard- she loves getting to be home with her kids- the simple, ordinary days are the best days. She loves reading, great food, music and concerts, any sort of crafty activity or project, and any chance to grab a date night with her husband.