Meet Laura

Class experience:  Laura’s classes are creative, strengthening and approachable. She teaches with the intention of offering students an opportunity to learn techniques to help them maintain their self-care. She makes yoga accessible to everyone and offers the reminder that you don't need to be pretzeled up in order to do yoga.

Path to Yoga:  Laura’s first yoga class was when she was in college. A friend and her practiced it together in the living room on a DVD with an instructor named Duncan Wong. She remembers many of the things were far more difficult than she was able to do, but she remembers feeling very relaxed during savasana. It wasn't until a few years later, feeling stuck, unsettled in a job that she pursued a yoga teacher training. The yoga teacher training was an opening experience, allowing her to gain insight into herself and make the necessary changes she needed to in order to get "unstuck."

Others say:  Laura is described by her closest family and friends as adaptable, supportive, professional, trustworthy, reliable, enthusiastic, energizing, down to earth, and genuine.

More about Laura:  Laura is also a wife, licensed professional counselor, experimenter in the kitchen, godmother, and aunt.