Meet Lilly

Class Experience:  Lilly will guide you through a practice of curiosity, empowerment and connection.  She will ignite your determination to trust the capabilities of your body and leave you feeling peaceful.  

Path to Yoga:  Her first yoga class was in her room, by herself, following along with a youtube video. She's been doing headstands, handstands and backbends since she was a kid, before she knew yoga even existed. At first yoga, for her, was to put her flexibility and balance at use. She was focused on a physical practice for some time, until she discovered the whole world of yoga beyond asanas (postures), soon enough yoga became a lifestyle for her. A lifestyle in which helped her to control her thoughts, listen to her body, dig deep into her emotions, and find her spirituality. Asanas are now just a small benefit compared to the world of yoga.

Others Say:  Family and friends describe her as compassionate, lively, brave, free spirited, unique, and loving. 

More about Lilly:  I am simply just trying to figure out this beautiful thing called life, to stay true to myself and my beliefs, to create my own unique journey. I have a passion to see and understand the world, to make a positive impact in peoples lives and to be happy along the way. When I graduated  high school I spent a summer in Thailand volunteering at a local elementary school teaching English, since then I have worked as a nanny for multiple families in Schuylkill County and New York City. Most recently I spent a month in India for my 200 hr Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga teacher training, which brings me to my roll of teaching yoga to you!

In my free time I like to isolate myself from society and spend time wandering forests, reading books, and writing - preferably outside sitting next to a river deep in the woods. I play guitar and love to attend music festivals and concerts… anywhere I can dance and be free, even if it is just at my house with some music playing.  I am always on the go, I crave change and new experiences which is why I am so drawn to travel. At home you can find me dancing around in my kitchen creating healthy (vegetarian) meals and baking for my family.  A big part of my life involves the wonders out the outdoors which created my passion for hiking.