The best yoga teacher and a truly genuine and authentic human being. When you practice yoga with Brenda, you can expect peace, serenity, sincerity, an exceptional workout for mind and body, and likely a bit of laughter sprinkled in, too.
— Bethany D.
Engaging in a yoga class or any class with Brenda will create a sense of peace and empowerment within you. She has special gifts, her presence, tone of voice, attitude and encouragement are only a few. Discover your true self through Brenda’s guidance. She researches and shares her wisdom, always willing to lend an ear or help in a pose. Namaste!
— Mary G.
My first experience ever practicing yoga was with Brenda. Because of her expertise, and love for yoga, along with her amazing personality, she nurtured in me a relationship with yoga I love.
— Rhonda C.
Brenda is an amazing leader and beautiful soul. I am so grateful to have been able to work with and have learned so much from her. Brenda is empowering, motivating, and is someone who leads by example. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I would highly recommend it!
— Christina K.
Through Brenda’s contagious enthusiasm for teaching and yoga, I have gained strength, improved my breathing, and learned correct form and alignment. Because of her extensive practical knowledge, authenticity and positive energy, her cues and descriptions are clear and perfectly-timed. During her special workshops on aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing, she provides great opportunities to connect mind, body and spirit. I leave her classes refreshed and invigorated with a renewed sense of self-awareness. I absolutely love your yoga class and appreciate you. Just what my mind needed. Thank you, Brenda!
— Tiff C.
I had the pleasure of taking a private yoga class with Brenda. I was traveling from out of town and my body was feeling stressed. A session with Brenda was just what I needed - she focused on slowly moving through each pose, giving me adjustments which maximized stress-reduction and proper form. I left the session feeling relaxed and re-energized with my practice. Brenda is an amazing instructor - anyone who gets to take a class with her regularly is extremely fortunate!
— Jen C.
I have been attending Brenda’s classes for 6 months and always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. She is amazing and always takes the time if you have specific questions or areas you need to work on. The classes are wonderful, but Brenda herself is great!
— Rachel S.
My greatest takeaway from last night’s intention setting event at Clover Yoga: Everything you need is already within you. Not an entirely new idea to me, but things seemed to click more that other times I’ve encountered the idea. Without thinking about it, I noticed a feeling of deep relief when you uttered those words. That really struck me, so I figured it was work some thought to consider how to practically implement it into my life. I am looking forward to continuing my journey this year with a much greater understanding and care for myself and my loved ones using this wisdom. Thank you for a great workshop!
— Elliot F.
“A fantastic experience! Fabulous class! Working on my vision board. My vision is becoming 20/20. Thank you so much!
— Linda P.