Class experience:  Joyful, Playful, and Fearless.  In class students can expect Tiffany to hold space. Her classes offer a welcoming environment in which fear has little value. Exploration and a big smile are encouraged!  Tiffany is trained and experienced in teaching Akhanda (unbroken tradition or whole in sanskrit)  levels 1, 2, and 3, Hatha Raja, Classical Kundalini, Prenatal, Restorative, and leading Transformational Experiences and Yoga Lifestyle Coaching sessions.

Path to Yoga:  Tiffany attended her first yoga class with her sister in San Diego, CA.  She was 16 and a zealous soccer player.   Her body asked her to stretch it, a lot in those days! It was common to find her standing on one leg in the middle of a movie theater line, stretching her hamstrings just about anywhere in public, or giving herself a "muscle massage." (She had friends that were embarrassed by this!)  After her first yoga class, she realized Yoga was a method in which she could do all of these things! This is what she had been looking for, but didn't even know it. In that first yoga class she had found a safe place to explore what felt right in her body, without inhibitions!

Others say:  She's described by loved ones as strong, loyal, sensitive, pleasant, welcoming, self-motivated, giving, caring, and loving.

More about Tiffany:  She love's spending time in forests, swimming in natural bodies of water, or curling up to read books in soft, fuzzy blankets.  In addition to the role of yoga teacher, she's a significant other, daughter, sister and friend.  She's a gardener, cook, and birth enthusiast.  Tiffany is new to the area and happy to be back in her home state of Pennsylvania!  She looks forward to grounding together and sharing some healing good times on the mat!