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All classes are accessible to all levels - beginner to advanced. Choose the class that meets you where you are!

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Sweat, breathe, go with the flow! This invigorating, energizing flow of yoga poses links breath and movement together. You’ll cultivate awareness while actively building core strength and flexibility. Everyone's welcome - from the adventurous beginner looking for a workout to the advanced student wanting to deepen their practice. Variations will be offered that enable you to practice at your own level while keeping up with the flow. 



Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Yin is yoga at its coolest, deepest, quietest, stillest moments. This class will have you on the floor most of the time, using as many props needed to create as little effort while holding poses. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes allowing joints and fascia to release.  Perfect for beginners and established yoga practitioners.



Restorative yoga, a blissfully sequenced form of therapeutic yoga, considered to be an antidote for stress and stress related diseases. Restorative yoga is a passive practice; you’ll drape yourself over props to find a deep sense of relaxation, along with a gentle opening through each new posture. As you release further into each pose, the stress in your life will melt away. Leave this class renewed, restored and rejuvenated.


Hot Yoga

Room heated to 90-95*.  This upbeat, dynamic class will move fluidly through a creative sequence and is designed to connect breath with movement.  Chilled essential oil-infused towels offered during end of class relaxation (Savasana).  *Must be at least 16 years old to participate. 


SLow Flow

Slow Flow Yoga is accessible to beginners or those with physical limitations. All levels of Yoga practitioners can find their personal challenges, as they slowly and mindfully move through class. Poses can be refined and strengthened, without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose. Slow flow allows a person to become familiar with his or her body, create a reflective pause, and create the time to go inward. Slow Yoga is a therapeutic dance of moving meditation.



Meditation will explore focusing the mind and the ability to practice mindfulness. During each session, you may use breathing, sensory experiences, visualization, or intention. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve attention, cope with difficult situations, and increase feelings of compassion. All levels welcome; previous background is not needed to begin. Comfortable clothes suggested. Chairs will be available. 


Yoga Nidra

Enter a deep state of conscious rest - 1hr is as restful as a few hours of sleep.  Yoga Nidra is a very specific type of guided meditation. While propped with blankets and bolsters in Savasana, your awareness will be directed to your body, breath, and imagery that will guide you into an ultra relaxed state.  In a world of busy, this is what we all need.


Kundalini Yoga

Move your energy.  Your nervous system and body will be totally stimulated, and by the end of the class your whole body will be buzzing with spiritual awareness. Postures will be practiced up to 2 minutes, and will be dynamic with breath and movement.  Kundalini places a huge emphasis on meditation, mantra chanting, and holding postures.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is appropriate for a wide spectrum of practitioners - beginners, active students, students with limited mobility or pregnant students, and it’s friendly to all. Expect to move at a slow and steady pace. Poses are primarily floor-based, reclined or seated with few, if any, standing poses. Props available for assistance.  


KIDS YOGA (Age 5-8)

Yoga for kids is a balance between spontaneity and structure.  This class will incorporate movement, breath and a mindful craft. Kids will benefit by practicing in a non-competitive learning environment, developing and building strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Yoga brings calmness and peace of mind. 

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Kids Yoga (Age 9-12)

Kids will gain a greater sense of body awareness, develop healthy breathing patterns, and have fun.  This class is a combination of lively, flowing sequences, fun balancing postures, games, storytelling, theme activities, music, art and creative relaxation techniques. This class also helps kids explore ways to calm the mind, nurture inner strength, and self-acceptance.